2014 A Big Year

Hello Dear Friends, I really hope that you are enjoying this holiday season.  It’s about 4am in Portsmouth, VA.  We flew in from Atlanta to spend a couple days with family.  I’m totally excited and pumped about 2014.   It’s been an absolute pleasure being able to serve you this year.  I’ve seen unprecedented growth in my business this year.  This year I’ve had to hire programmers, graphic designers, and marketers to help all of my clients thrive online.

This upcoming year you can expect a more streamlined process for all aspects of my business.  You can also look for more content this year.  I have plans for weekly google+ hangouts, podcast, email and a daily blog.  The purpose of all of this content is mainly due to the fact that all of the people that I meet want to know more about how to leverage the internet to build their business.  I also want to build by thought leadership on some things because I have a story to tell.  I only write about things that I know that work and get results.  This year I’ve done a lot of studying and applying what I’ve learned to my business and I’ve seen massive results immediately.  I want to share these strategies and tactics with you.  Plus I have one word that has made me the most money this year. “Meetup”  I’ll go more in depth about this later but I want you to know that as long as you’ve got something good that people need and are seeking; you can be a web millionaire easier than you think.  Cheers to you!  See you soon!