3 Reasons Why You Need a Website

Your website is crucial.  You already know that.  But an unprofessional website will derail the best web marketing campaign, a well designed website is a powerful business toll that will continually deliver high quality results.  Your website is the living soul of all your web efforts.  If you don’t have a website here are some really good reasons why you need one (right now!)

#1: It’s expected and a standard practice.

Can you imagine a business without a telephone number? You’d think that the business doesn’t exist. That’s what’s like when your customers, donors, potential volunteers are looking for you and can’t find a well designed website.

#2: It’s efficient.

A website can multiply the number of people your organization can influence exponentially.  Think about it for a moment.  How many people can you or your staff serve at once? How many transactions or donations can you handle at once? Two? Three? maybe four? How many people can be served immediately by your website? How many people can share your organization at once? How many transactions can your business or nonprofit website handle at once? Hundreds, Thousands, even hundreds of thousands! And it can handle all of this 24/7.

#3: It Connects, Shares and Converts.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to have a website is that it builds your credibility, generates buzz from social media shares and converts visitors into potential leads and donors.  I.E. it’s your best marketing asset.  Your website will out-perform even the best offline marketer. (No disrespect meant to all those hard working old-school marketers!)

Need a Website?

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