3 Things Your Website Isn’t Doing That’s Costing You MONEY

Did you know that web users form first impressions of webpages in as little as fifty milliseconds!? In the blink of an eye we decide if we’ll keep looking or go back.  This is why you can’t have any website; you have to have a great website.  To be great there are three things that your website must do well simultaneously. Educate, Market and Sell.  Most times, if a website isn’t delivering the results it should there’s usually a deficiency in one of these functions.

In your mind construct a scale from 1 to 10.  At 1, a visitor comes to your site for the first time.  At 10, a visitor becomes a client, customer, donor, applicant, subscriber or member.  Now imagine a bunch of dots on this scale, some are at 1, others at 5 and others are at 9.

The ones that are at 1, are just getting introduced to your brand and have hit your website for the first time.  They need to be EDUCATED about your organization before they will buy, donate or signup.  This can be achieved through blog posts, clever about us pages, and introductory content about your cause or the problem you help your customer or clients solve.

The ones that are at 5 know you. They may even trust you and have consumed your content.  They just need to be nurtured for a while longer and they’ll become tens.  They may need more education and more MARKETING to prove to them that you are the one to go with.  This group may benefit from a case study, interview with a past client, video detailing exactly what you do and how your solve their problem, or a free trial. Bottom line is this group needs to be influenced that you are the solution to their problem or organization to support.  This can only be solved by producing great MARKETING content.

The group towards the end of the scale; the eight’s or nine’s are ready to buy, but need the right incentive.  This group has already identified you as the solution to their problem or the best organization to support.  What are they waiting for then! You emphatically ask.  Perhaps a final reminder, a last question answered, a discount, free shipping, an incentive to donate or signup.  Whatever it is, your website needs to provide it just in time to make the SALE.  Amazon and Godaddy are great examples of this last aspect. If you’ve ever abandoned your cart on these websites you’ll notice that after some time you’ll get a email of the items that were in your cart along with a percentage discount or maybe just a simple reminder to return and buy.

The idea here is to show you that the people who visit your website are at different stages and it’s your job to recognize and provide exactly what they need at just the right time. It is through EDUCATING, MARKETING AND SELLING- your website will move all the visitors (ones) who are the ideal fits for your organization to become clients, customers, donors or members (tens)

I encourage you to take a look at your website and see if you have the content (posts, testimonials, information, pictures, videos, eBooks, podcasts, etc.), offers, discounts and systems in place to guide your flock to the ultimate destination.

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