7 Traits of a Successful Business

Hi Friends, We’re all inspired by great business and want to take golden nuggets to apply to our own business.  Here’s 7 great observations I made from visiting La Hacienda, a great local mexican family restaurant ABSOLUTELY CRUSHING IT.

#1 Stay True To Your Word

When we got to the restaurant it was packed, people waiting outside drinking cold sangria’s waiting for their tables.  The hostess informed us the wait time was 15 minutes and we said “wow, no problem!” Sure enough in 15 minutes are table was ready.  Remember that you don’t have to overpromise to win business.  Staying true to your capabilities pays off especially when your introducing a prospect to your business.  Stay true to your delivery and/or service times; this is huge to a potential customer.  Your customer sees that time as the end of their problem.

#2 Instant Service with a smile

As soon as we sat down, ice water was being poured, hot chips and cool salsa was graciously presented and the waiter told us what were the favorite appetizers.  The food came extremely quick and was hot and fresh.   Be prompt when serving your customers, in our fast paced culture don’t give your clientele a second to ever second guess the reason why they choose you.

#3 Go the Extra Mile

There was a time during the meal when the wait staff was preparing tables for a large party beside us.  Instead of being rude and working around us while we were eating.  The wait staff shifted our chairs and table settings so that we would be disturbed.  Within a couple seconds we had three waiters on refreshing our table and making sure we were comfortable and apologized for the inconvenience.  They didn’t have to do all that, after all most restaurants just work around you not taking into consideration your dining experience at the moment.  Go the extra mile to convince you clientele that your business is the right choice.

#4 Deliver Quality Quickly

The food came amazingly fast.  So fast that I doubted that the serving staff had the right table.  The plates looked, smelled and tasted awesome.  You’ve heard the phrase: “under promise and over deliver,” well my friends that sounds a little sneaky to me.  How about you just promise and over deliver.  Do the best job possible as quickly as possible.  This makes a difference.  People know when you’re under-promising because it feels like that they’re not going to get all their needs met.  But when you promise to meet their needs and then you do so quickly with awesome quality it’s just plain better.  And also gives your clientele that warm fuzzing feeling.

#5 Be Dependable

Throughout the meal our waiter stood near by to attend to our needs and cleared the table as soon as we were finished with a plate and keep our glasses full.  When we needed anything he was just one hand gesture away and came quickly.  So many times we’ve had meals at great establishments and only seen the waiter twice.  Don’t let your customers look for you.  You take the initiative to move projects along on time and be an expert at what you do.  9 time out of ten; this is where most referrals come from able to be dependable to solve a problem.  Ace this portion and you’ll undoubtedly get your customers singing your praises.

#6 Do Something Unexpected

The table next to us was having a birthday party.  The wait staff snook up on the birthday boy, singing with a complementary cake with candles and placed an oversized sombrero on his head.  They really made a big deal.  This totally caught him off guard and left him with a huge smile on everybody around.  Friends use the element of surprise to your advantage.  Don’t surprise your clients with bad news but with something unexpected like: a just-because discount, finishing the project ahead of time, free shipping or a free sample with their order.  Don’t tell them just make it special.

#7 Follow Up Promptly

I dropped my business card in the fish bowl to win a free lunch.  The next day I received an email from La Hacienda with a coupon for my next visit and also informing me that kids eat free every Sunday.  This one act of follow up greatly increased the chances that we’ll be back.  Don’t be a one-and-done type of business treat everyone like a friend and keep in touch.  There are loads of free email services that well let you do this type of thing for your customers.

These were just 7 of the things that I saw they were doing extremely well to enjoy the success that they’re having.  I believe that if we all put these 7 tenants into our daily business activities you’ll see growth.  What great experiences have you had at local successful establishments?  What ingredients did you see in their secret success sauce?  Comment below and let me know.  Until next time

Adios Amigos!