Why DIY Websites Suck

Lately I’ve been seeing A LOT of advertising from DIY website companies saying that you can build a website today from scratch with no experience.  Let me tell you that this isn’t true.  Many of our clients come to us with a DIY website with these horror stories of how much time they’ve spent trying to set it up and it still isn’t right.  What’s even worse are the people moonlighting as web designers and just making your site on one of these DIY website platforms such as: Weebly, Wix, Intuit, Webs and so on.  But that’s a whole that’s a post I’ll save for next time.  Here’s the REAL DEAL behind DIY websites and why you should never consider this for your business.

#1 – Very limited and Not built for SEO

Think of your website like a car, all the power is under the hood.  Don’t get caught up with all the free templates before you take a look under the hood.  DIY websites are very limited and you are held to the widgets they provide you.  Secondly, these things suck at SEO!  It’s almost impossible to drive quality organic traffic to your website without paying for the SEO upgrade and even that’s a bunch of crap.  True on-page SEO is a process that involves more than listing your site on search engines.  Just so you know, search engines pick your site up soon after the DNS propagates to the web. On-page SEO is built into every page of your website with a strategy to attract the traffic you want to the site.

#2 – Limited storage space

With limited storage space your site will begin to load very slowly as you add more pictures, audio and video files.  Not to mention any third party social media widgets.  A slow site is a crime in this attention deficit world that we live in.  If you site can’t serve the information to the user when they touch or click, it’s a problem.

#3 – Company branded URLs and ads

Most of these DIY website carry the branded URL and ads to “get your free site.”  How will your clients and customers feel when they see that you skimped on your website.  Without a doubt they’ll be very reluctant to spend $30 for a product on your site and they know the website is free!   -smh

#4 – You don’t own the website

On of the biggest disappointments that you’ll face with a DIY website is that you don’t own it.  Yep that’s right you don’t own it.  DIY websites require that you use their hosting and domain register to function.  So if you have one of these and would like to move your site to another platform because cost increases.  You can’t do it.  In a recent, conversation with the folks at Weebly, they told me that you can’t transfer, migrate or move a site to another account let alone another host.  As a business owner your website is one of your largest business assets.  If you don’t own it.

#5 – Waste of your time

Think about this for a moment.  Let’s say that your time is worth $100 per hour and you spend a total of 30 hours setting up your free site.  You just spent $3,000 on your website.  If you would have paid a reputable web designer $3,000 you’d have an awesome website, way better than anything you could do.  It’s a waste of your time and money