Get Consistent with Content Promotion

Are you the frustrated blogger? Do you create posts, podcasts, videos, etc. for a ghost town?  Are the only views or shares of your content yours?  We’ll this article is going to shed light on how you can gain some popularity on the web.  Also shift your thinking on the whole “popular” thing.

We all know that consistency is the key to breakthrough no matter what the task at hand is.  We’ve been told to keep blogging and the people will comment.  Well if you’re new to blogging and don’t have a big audience, you know how frustrating it is to keep blogging without seeing results.  While consistent content creation will benefit you from an SEO stand point, it won’t turn you into the next viral superstar guru.gossip birds

5 Tweets a Day

Here’s the key consistent promotion of your content.  The best practice is to develop 5 to 6 different tweets and posts about each piece of content you create and then schedule them throughout the day across your networks with your favorite social media management tool.    Twitter & Facebook have become so flooded with noise that to get your message across you have to shout a little louder or you’ll get lost in the feed.  Especially during the peak social media times (Morning, Lunch, After work & 8-9 PM).   WARNING: DO NOT BROADCAST THE SAME TWEET/POST.  You’ll get unfollowed and might have your account black listed as a spammer.

Be creative

think about your audience when crafting your social media messages.  Try different approaches to see what resonates with your audience. Create a hashtag for each post that you are promoting across your social networks and continue to use that hashtag for all promotions of that particular piece of content.  Trying using alternative networking sites such as Instagram, to post featured images or short videos about your latest creation.  Note, use a link shortener on Instagram as you can’t click on links.


Recycle your promotions throughout the month to ensure that you’re giving your content full play.  Think of your content much like the radio’s Top 40.  Keep your content in heavy rotation. You took the time to create the post, so leverage social media to keep your posts on top of the news feeds and getting shared and talked about.

Thank those that retweet or share your posts ask them what kind of content their looking for and invite them back to your site.  This way you’ll have a pulse on what’s working to create more of it and have more hot topics for future content creation.

Use Email

Emailing your fresh content will also drive traffic to your content.  Use your resources and send it out to your database.  Don’t think that you are spamming your database.  You are providing them with useful content.  The only time you’d want to recycle posts via email is in a weekly or monthly “best of” newsletter.

In these days you have to newspaper boy shouting out “extra, extra read all about!” to get your message out.  Don’t make the mistake of under promoting your content.  Develop varied messages or sound bites, put them into heavy rotation methodically across your social networks of choice and remember to engage those who engage you.