Next Up: Smart Websites

2014 will be the year of the one web experience.  The one web experience is about focusing on the big picture of keeping your audience engaged with your brand; no matter the device, network or screen.  Many web designers will promise a mobile website; but so that you know google doesn’t like to cheap looking mobile sites. Technology has once again moved forward to provide a seamless experience for web users. Enter Responsive Design.

Responsive Design is a website that has the capability to adjust itself to fit whatever screen it’s being displayed on.  For instance, certain elements are enhanced for touch, swipe and retina recognition when the website is displayed on a smartphone or tablet.  Here at Sent Media, we’ve been making these responsive websites for well over 2 years now.

Why is Responsive Design a must?

Nowadays we consume content anytime, anywhere from all kinds of devices.  Even our TV’s come equipped with built in internet browsers.  Bottom line is that your consumers or clients are expecting a unique experience that optimized for whatever screen they have in front of their face.  This level of personalization is exactly what today’s web is all about.  Providing a unique one-to-one experience with the user regardless of device or screen.

Multiple Sources

Much like your smartphone/tablet has the ability to pull in various forms of information and content from varied sources.  Your website must be able to perform these functions and more.  Such as integrating the comments section on your blog to Facebook comments.  Adding sharing buttons to each piece of content on the website.  Embedding Google Maps into all locations listed on your website for easy touch-to-navigate usability.  RSS feeds of top industry news sources that feed directly to your website’s news section.  There’s no need to reinvent the wheel as far as content is concerned.  Your website should  have the tools needed to auto-populate this content into your website.

Location Based

Much like the any of the daily deal apps out there in the marketplaces which use GPS to push relevant coupons to your when your near frequented retailers; your website should also have the same tools in place.  By enabling your site to collect location, your website will be able to provide timely, tailor made experiences with your site users.  Showing if the business is open or closed according to local time is smart.  The goal here is to provide a one of a kind experience to your website users wherever they are.

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