Reaching Your Buyers Directly

There’s no doubt that getting the word out about an idea, a product, or a service is much simpler when you can rely on social media.  The web allows any organization, including nonprofits, soloprenuers, and candidates for public office to reach buyers directly.  This power is clear to nearly everyone these days, but many executives and entrepreneurs still struggle to find the right mix of traditional advertising and direct communication with buyers.

Today’s marketers (and yes that means you!) need to use a mix of web media to let the world know about your expertise.  Web media is long for content – blogs, e-books, whitepapers, images, podcasts, videos, press releases and social media posts.  It is these types of informational and educational content pieces your organization should be putting out on a routine basis to build credibility, generate buzz and increase revenues.  However, there’s one caveat:

Know Thy Audience Deeply

Smart marketers understand their buyers.  What your visitors really want is content that first describes the issues and problems they face and then provides details on how to solve those problems. (i.e. this post is directed to executives who are seeking to learn how to reach their buyers directly).  Understanding your buyers and building an effective content strategy to reach them is critical for success. And providing clear links from the content back to your website where the action happens is critical.

When (and only when) you understand your audience, those people who will become your buyers, donors, volunteers, subscribers, applicants you can craft an editorial and content strategy just for them.  What works is a focus on your buyers and their problems.

Think Like a Publisher

In order to implement a success strategy, think like a publisher.  Marketers at the organizations successfully using the new rules recognize the fact that they are now purveyors of information, and they manage content as a valuable asset with the same care that a publishing company does.  One of the most important things that publishers do is start with a content strategy and then focus on the type of media to deliver said content.

Publishers carefully identify and define target audiences and consider what content is required in order to meet their needs.  Publishers consider all of the following questions: Who are my reader? How do I reach them? What are their motivations? What are the problems I can help them solve? How can I entertain them and inform them at the same time? What content will compel them to purchase what I have to offer?

additional credits: @dmscott and Arteki