The Best Keyword Strategy Ever!

Many people always ask me questions on how to get more traffic to their website.  And my answer will always be the same “organic search traffic.” No ads, no filler.  Just pure google juice baby!  I was at a networking event last week and I was asked about keyword strategy. The gentleman had questions for ranking high for berevement services. Some of his initial questions were: Is it still a good idea to put a bunch of keywords at the bottom of the page “keyword stuffing” or in the page title? How many keywords should I have?photodune-369299-businessman-typing-s

Well in case you didn’t know, most major search engines don’t even use meta keyword tags to determine search ranking! Even worse, many have policies against keyword stuffing that when caught could result in your site being black listed as a spam site! In short don’t do this.  Think I’m kidding???? Do a search for “keyword stuffing” and see what pops up. You’ll see numerous webmasters trying to clean up their sites because they’ve been black listed.

Here’s how to effectively create a keyword strategy that works:

Take on the mind of a customer looking for your business online.

What would they type in? In this gentleman’s case, I told him people will most likely search for beverement services in Atlanta. This is called a long-tail keyword. People don’t search for single keywords anymore…Think about it, do you? Chances are that you are kinda specific on what you search for because you don’t want the information overload like on those Bing commericals. Come up with 3-5 of these pharses. Keep in mind that these phrases should be relevant to your business.

Here’s my number one secret for finding the most effective long tail keyword phrases: Ask your customers what they search for. You can even send a SurveyMonkey to prospects in the industry you wish to serve and ask them how they would search for your type of business.

 Incorporate your key phrases into your website’s content

Now that you got a handful of keyword phrases, incorporate them into your website’s content. Make sure that you use these phrases in images and videos.

So to recap, meta keyword tags don’t work anymore. You’ll get punished for stuffing your pages with misc. keywords. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and be strategic when developing your keyword strategy. Create content that’s centered around your key phrases.  Keep working this process so you can evolve your phrases into exactly what your market is looking for. This is the first and most important step in SEO; without this foundation you’ll spin your wheels.  How do you find out what keywords to use?