The Secret To Online Marketing

Written by Sterling

What Really Works?

Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinrest, Instagram, Amazon, Ebay, Foursquare, Digg, and the countless other options…They All Work….But will they work for you?

It seems overwhelming to be online these days with all the different ways to engage your customers.  But here’s the secret weapon to Online Marketing!

Having great search engine optimized content on YOUR WEBSITE!


Great content is information that is valuable to your target market. Sharing this rich content with the market is the name of the game.  People are no longer coaxed into buying products or services by entertaining ads, grand claims or catchy theme songs. All your consumer wants to know is:  “Are you legit?” “Can you or your product do what you say it can do?” “What’s your track record?” and “What makes you better than the rest?”

Thanks to social networks and how the web connects people with the information they desire this information is at their finger tips.  Be proactive and provide this information to the publics, but do so in away that is not advertising or a form of a sales letter (people don’t read sales letters, because they know they’re sales letters!)

You want to attach yourself or your product to a larger cause or current event or current problem that your target consumer is facing.  For example, if you sell barstools, you don’t want to blog or have a Facebook page dedicated to barstools.  Writing blogs or making videos on “how to have a successful mixer” or “Happy Hour” web series showing how to make a different mixed drink. In this context show and tell how your barstools a perfect for lengthy conversations and add flair to the bar area.  Take this great content that is designed for your specific audience and Tweet about it, add the video to your Facebook page and invite people to comment and share. Make sure all of this original content is on your website or blog!! Pursuing this route will take you a lot farther than trying to push barstools online!

Cheers to your success!