What kind of website do I need to get more sales

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is: “What kind of website do I need to get more sales”? People want to know how to set up a website where they can sell there products or book services. This is an excellent question since there are many programs and companies that will say they do a better job at this function. Let me tell you what others won’t. Wix, Weebly, shopify, 1 and 1 are not good platforms for making money online. Sure you can make money on these platforms but its not the best that you can do because you are highly limited. In this post I’ll address why having you own hosted website is the best option for anyone trying to make money online.

Let me start by saying this: You own your business right? Then why wouldn’t you want to own your website? These days your website is as integral to your business as you are.  It is a reflection upon your work as much as you are.  A good website will be your best employee and a bad website your worst enemy.  Hire a reputable web designer that can build a website that accomplishes your goals and has room to grow.

WordPress is my  platform of choice because they are virtually limitless.  Some of the best websites in the world are ran on WordPress because of the high degree of scalability (think I made a word)!  and the ability to easily manage tons of content.  Functionality wise, it can be used for your average coupon blogger to a government school system.  Wordpress comes equipped with search engine optimization aka google juice; so you don’t have to learn SEO techniques to show higher on search results.  So no matter where you are in your business WordPress is good for you.  Lastly, the administrative backend is user friendly enough for even a novice to add blog posts, pages and manage a online store.  This website is WordPress website.

Ok now that we got that cleared up.  You need an attractive WordPress website to sell your good and services.  I highly recommend talking to an experienced Web designer to build an online store using WordPress.  You can expect to pay a minimum of $2,500 to put your best foot forward and really make good money online.  We have solutions for start ups starting at $99/mo. We also offer premium professional WordPress sites.

Outside of the WordPress platform you’ll also need to put some backend things in place.  Select a premium secure hosting account which can  handle the traffic and weight of the website.  You’ll need to obtain a SSL certificate; notice the green “https” on your online banking account.  This lets you know that you’re on a secure site. This protects you and your customers from stolen  information.  Keep in mind that your website will processing payments and confidential information.

People also ask me if they need a website, since they have a social media page which they conduct most of their business through.  To those people, I charge you to ask your customers about that situation and I’ll bet good money that they’ll tell you they want to see you have your own website to conduct business.